Barton Lake Project Overview

Proposed Service Area-Barton Lake
Project Scope

120844 schoolcraft sewer project service area mapSince 2015, the South County Sewer and Water Authority has been actively engaged in the investigation of building a wastewater collection and treatment system that will service the communities of Pavilion Township, Brady Township, Schoolcraft Township, the Village of Schoolcraft, US 131 North, the Village of Schoolcraft, Sugarloaf Lake, and Barton Lake.

In the 4th Quarter of 2019, resolutions were passed by Pavilion, Brady and Schoolcraft Townships as well as the Village of Schoolcraft to the County Drain Commissioner to form a Drain Board in preparation for the funding of a wastewater treatment system.  During the

During the 2nd through the 4th Quarters of 2020, the process allows for public hearings to be held to provide for public input regarding the build out of a wastewater collection and treatment system. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public discussions with The Village of Schoolcraft were postponed in March and are not anticipated to resume until the 4th quarter of 2020.    

In July of 2020, discussions with Barton Lake Association resumed to investigate the interest of Barton Lake residents for the design, financing and construction of a wastewater collection system to provide wastewater system service to Barton Lake that would connect with and transfer through the Vicksburg wastewater collection system. It is proposed that the collection system assets would be financed and owned by the South County Sewer and Water Authority or a related, area Township.  

2020.08.03 barton lake service area map

Project Pros and Cons

Project PROS:
  • Provides the foundation to increase long term economic development by generating interest from residents and companies to locate in the participating communities.
  • Supports the long term, strategic Master Plan of many of the participating communities.
  • Provides for a lower cost alternative to replacing many septic systems.
  • It is proposed that connections can be delayed until 2025 allowing residents more flexibility in financial planning and to time their connection when their septic system fails and needs to be replaced. 
Project CONS:
  • May not be affordable for a one-time payment to hook up for some residents. Financing options are available to mitigate any hardships.

What will the proposed wastewater system cost for the Barton Lake Project?

Total System Costs = $2,910,000

Rate and Assessment Structure - Estimates:

  • Monthly Charge ($56/Month/REU) 
  •  Benefit Assessment ($9,000/REU) 
  •  Front Foot Assessment (±$10/FT)
  • Estimated Connection to System ($2,000 for 75 ft.)

Monthly Charge Includes Funding Operation and Maintenance Costs, as well as Replacement Reserve Budgets for Future System Repairs

Calculations Run Assuming NO Grant or Growth – Conservative Approach 

Not All Roads will be Repaved - Only Those with New Sewer Underneath